Branding detail - text selection color

A lovely branding detail to look more professional

We all know that feeling when we find a beautiful website and we think “Oh wow, that looks great, they surely are professionals in their field!”. That’s because the branding design can make us love or hate a brand in just a few seconds. But branding is not only about a good or a bad first impression, it’s more about the entire experience of connecting your readers/clients to what you have to offer: products, services or great online content in the long term.

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All you need to know about web hosting

All you need to know about web hosting (guest post)

This is a great time to be a blogger. Websites like and are fast and reliable, and they’ll host your blog for free. When your blog begins to attract a large following, though, free blogging platforms may start to feel a bit limiting. You don’t truly control the technical aspects of your blog. The platform may also prohibit you from earning money through advertising.

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