All you need to know about web hosting

All you need to know about web hosting (guest post)

This is a great time to be a blogger. Websites like and are fast and reliable, and they’ll host your blog for free. When your blog begins to attract a large following, though, free blogging platforms may start to feel a bit limiting. You don’t truly control the technical aspects of your blog. The platform may also prohibit you from earning money through advertising.

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Branding project for Daily Dream Decor

Branding project Daily Dream Decor

Daily Dream Decor, an interior lifestyle blog founded by Denisa Luntraru, has a new dreamy look we’re totally in love with. This project was so fun and challenging for us, so we have to share its story and some behind the scenes. The new branding comes with a new logo, new colors, and a custom WordPress theme with lots of functionalities that was developed by us especially for this project.

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Design project AMconcept

Design Project AMconcept

The design project for AMconcept will be one of my favorites forever because it was the very first time when I had the chance to help other people through design. One of my dear friends asked me if I could help her with her logo because she was trying to build her first online shop, and that’s how I got my very first branding project.

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how to add your Instagram to WordPress

How to add your Instagram to WordPress

If I’d have to choose only one social media platform to use, I would definitely go with Instagram. Why? Because I think its the only one where I can truly connect with other amazing people, I’ve received most of my collaborations requests through it,  and it has been my online portfolio in the last couple of months. Not to mention that

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Branding project Maia Eli

Branding Project Maia Eli

The branding project for Maia Eli was the first one I made for somebody else and I loved every single minute of it. Me and Maia have a lot in common, but the most important thing is that we both have side passions that we love, so this project resonated with my soul at a very deep level.

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