5 stylish and dreamy workspaces for bloggers

Stylish and dreamy workspaces for bloggers and freelancers

Hi there! How are you? I’m currently at the office, daydreaming about the day when I will work from home or from my little studio, standing at a white desk, having an inspirational & stylish mood board on the wall in front of me, and sipping from my favorite cup of tea. I know, it sounds like a dream,  but I truly want to make it a reality in the near future.

In real life, when I work for myself, I do it from my bed 99% of the time and the rest of 1% from my kitchen. I don’t have a super cozy office, I don’t even have an office just for myself. But I don’t complain, I actually love working from my bed and taking a nap when I feel I need to recharge.

I truly believe that our workspace contributes a little bit to our productivity, it can make us want to jump off the bed and start working or it can make us want running away from our daily responsibilities. So, I’m always looking for inspiration for my future office/studio, I know that I want it to be spacious, white, cozy, stylish, but minimal, and last, but not least, Instagram-friendly :D. In today’s article, I’ll share with you 5 of my favorite stylish and dreamy workspaces for bloggers + a FREE mood board template for Photoshop to create your own sources of inspiration or stylish blog post images.

Stylish and dreamy workspaces

Love that this office has a window in front of it and enough space for a mood board on the wall next to it.

Stylish and dreamy workspaces

How lovely is this industrial minimal workspace?

Stylish and dreamy workspaces

You have to admit that this one is perfect for a fashion or lifestyle blogger ♥

Stylish and dreamy workspaces

I can not help to think about how many stylish quotes I would add instead of those pictures :))

Stylish and dreamy workspaces

Black is the perfect color for a stylish office. And if you want to be more creative, you can draw on this chalkboard wall and make your workspace super unique.

When I’m not looking on Pinterest for cozy workspaces inspiration, I’m always on my favorite interior design blog http://www.dailydreamdecor.com, where I also took those pictures from. Here I can find lots of beautiful pictures, learn about different interior design styles and discover new clever tips and tricks for small sized rooms. If you are always looking for new interior design inspiration, you should definitely follow @dailydreamdecor on Instagram, your news feed will become more dreamy for sure.

And what’s best is yet to come. I mentioned so many times how much I love mood boards, and I truly believe they’re good for our soul and for our creativity. I could spend hours searching for the perfect pictures or fonts to create an inspirational mood board for myself or for sharing it with you, so I thought I could share the Photoshop template also (see how I used it in other articles here and here). Click below to download the template we used for this article (it’s perfect for Pinterest or for blog images), start creating your unique source of inspiration and remember to share it with us also. We would love to see what inspires and motivates you :D.

Free moodboard Photoshop template

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