How to add new fonts to Photoshop

How to add new fonts to Photoshop

Hey, guys! You’ve heard us saying a lot lately that we’ve been working on some secret projects and if you follow us on Instagram, you already saw some sneak peeks on our stories this week. Well, it’s time to reveal you that we’ve started a wonderful collaboration with our dear friend, Maia. We know Maia from our job, we’ve been colleagues for almost a year now, so let me introduce her to you.

Maia is the perfect definition of a multipotential person. She knows how to do everything. She writes novels, poems, and code, she paints, she sings, she knows how to do amazing stuff with paper, she’s an Udemy Photoshop instructor(with more than 1000 students), she’s passionate about photography, arts, typography, and minimal design. Basically, she’s a techie girl(that curses a lot in several languages) with an artist soul.

She has been my lifesaver since I’ve started learning Photoshop

Why? Because one year ago I had no idea how to work with Photoshop. I knew I wanted to start a blog and to share things about good design practices for websites, but I had no idea how to create beautiful imagery. I’ve spent many nights and weekends learning Photoshop only by myself, without knowing how to search on Google how to create some pictures like those I saw on Pinterest. I had no idea how to do even the simplest things, like installing a font or working with layers. And it was very difficult for me to find simple tutorials for beginners that were exactly on point. Every time I searched “how to do this“, I ended up with a lot of videos or blog posts with too much information I didn’t need.

I’m a person who tends to complain a lot. And I’m so happy I’m like that because one day she heard me in our office complaining about spending an entire day trying to do something super simple(that’s what she says!) in Photoshop. She came to my computer and teach me in literally 5 minutes what I couldn’t do in a full day by myself, following more than 10 different tutorials. Well, in that moment I realized that I wasted a lot of time just because I haven’t found some good & simple tutorials for myself. And when you work full time and pursue a freelancing career as a side hustle, you can’t afford to lose a day on some things that could be made in less that half an hour if you know how to do them.

I asked her if she would like to do some basic tutorials, especially that she has experience as Photoshop instructor on Udemy and I’m so happy she accepted. With her help, we’re taking our blog to a completely new level: we’ll start sharing simple, but efficient tutorials for creative people who want to learn Photoshop. We’ll cover lots of areas, from how to install a new font to how to edit your photos and the basic things you need to know about photography. You should learn what you need to in less than 10 minutes and we’ll do our best to make this happen.

Learn how to add new fonts to Photoshop

So, in our first tutorial will cover my first struggle with Photoshop: how to add new fonts to it. I have to admit I didn’t know that you add fonts to your operating system(like Mac or Windows), not specifically to an editing software program like Photoshop or Illustrator. I didn’t know how to do this or where I could download free fonts from. And I know that there might be other people who want to learn this, especially because typography is so important, so we wanted to start this series with the simplest video ever (you can find here the font used in it). You can watch the tutorial below, we hope you’ll enjoy it and you’ll find it useful. And if you’re interested in learning other things in Photoshop, just leave us a message in the comments section. We would love to hear from you and to do our best to help you!

Where can you find Maia?


Be sure to subscribe to her channel for new videos and future surprises. We’re so excited about this new project and if our work will help at least one person to learn new things more easily, we’ll be more than grateful. Your opinions matter a lot, so we would like to know if you enjoyed this video and what you would like to see in the future 😀

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