5 quick and easy seo tips every blogger should apply

5 quick and easy SEO tips every blogger should apply

If you’re a blogger or a website owner you’ve probably heard many scary things about SEO. Reaching the first page in Google searching is not an easy thing and it’s definitely something we all want to accomplish. Being on the first Google page is something every blogger dreams of, so I’ll share with you some quick and easy SEO tips that you can start applying immediately to improve your ranking.

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Branding detail - text selection color

A lovely branding detail to look more professional

We all know that feeling when we find a beautiful website and we think “Oh wow, that looks great, they surely are professionals in their field!”. That’s because the branding design can make us love or hate a brand in just a few seconds. But branding is not only about a good or a bad first impression, it’s more about the entire experience of connecting your readers/clients to what you have to offer: products, services or great online content in the long term.

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