Branding project Daily Dream Decor

Daily Dream Decor rebranding

Daily Dream Decor, an interior lifestyle blog founded by Denisa Luntraru, has a new dreamy look we’re totally in love with. This project was so fun and challenging for us, so we have to share its story and some behind the scenes. The new branding comes with a new logo, new colors, and a custom WordPress theme with lots of functionalities that was developed by us especially for this project.

Custom WordPress Theme for design interior blog Daily Dream Decor

The story

Denisa is a full-time blogger and marketing consultant, and Daily Dream Decor is in top 20 interior blogs on Bloglovin’. Her future brand goals are to make a slow transition from a blog to an established website for decor inspiration, to have a more personal and dreamy design, to grow her team, and to focus more on affiliate shopping and blog collaborations. So, the decision to rebrand was one of the first steps of making her brand grow.

We met on one of her workshops about blogging and I was very happy when she asked me to help her with taking Daily Dream Decor to the next level. This project is definitely my favorite!

Mood board for design interior blog Daily Dream Decor

At the beginning, we wanted to go with some beautiful neutrals & pink as the accent color, but Denisa did a lot of research and saw that the most important interior blogs are pretty colorful. We changed a little bit the direction from the mood board and we ended up having two vibrant colors: salmon pink and a beautiful, electric yellow, which I totally love in combination with the other (only two) shades of gray.

After seeing the websites Denisa showed me as a reference, I knew exactly what fonts we should use for her new design, so choosing the typography for this project was very easy. We used Josefin Sans as the primary font, Playfair Display as the secondary font, and as an accent, we used the Montana font from Creative Market.

Colors and typography for Branding project Daily Dream Decor

Designing the logo for Daily Dream Decor was the most challenging, yet funny part of this process. Firstly, I designed a few minimal versions that Denisa liked, but they didn’t express exactly the direction she wanted for her brand. After that, I customized the Playfair Display font and then I designed the basic versions of the logo she finally chose, but there was still something missing. She wanted to have a personal mark to emphasize what her blog is all about: sharing daily dreamy decor inspiration, so she suggested me to add a pretty cloud somewhere in the logo.

Logo evolution for Branding project Daily Dream Decor

Firstly, it was a heart, then a pretty cloud designed from two hearts, which was dreamy, but I felt it was still not enough. I thought the logo should express somehow the idea that this brand is about interior design, so I brainstormed a lot and, after some messy sketches, I combined the pretty cloud with the cute house and that’s how this dreamy mark was born. I think that’s no need to say that now we both love this branding mark so much <3

Logos for Branding project Daily Dream Decor

Being an established blogger for so many years, Denisa knew exactly what she wanted for her new blog theme. Lots of functionalities to make her blogging life easier, intentional places for ads, the option to add “Shop the Post” sections into her blog posts, a gorgeous & clean design that looks good on all the devices, attention to the details (like the design for categories, pin it and back to top buttons), and of course, the ability to customize almost everything on her own. We decided to start from our blog theme and to customize it to be exactly what Daily Dream Decor needs.

Custom WordPress Theme for design interior blog Daily Dream Decor

Working with Denisa was a dreamy experience for us. She’s so fun and hardworking, and collaborating with someone who really knows what she needs to grow her business is definitely a bliss. We learned so many things regarding design, branding, and custom WordPress development, and we’re so happy she trusted us to be a little part of her new dreamy brand.

Custom WordPress Theme for design interior blog Daily Dream Decor

Custom WordPress Theme for design interior blog Daily Dream Decor

How does she feel about her new website?

Denisa wrote on her blog how this all experience was for her and why she felt she needed a new look for her business and you can read it here. You can also read there about some funny things that happened exactly on the launching day, but hey, we couldn’t say it was a successful launch if it would be without problems, right?

I’m absoluty loving the new look and it inspires me to post more, hihihi. Also, really how cute is the heart clouds and the house? It melts my heart!

Style guide for design interior blog Daily Dream Decor

We’re totally in love with this project and with that cute little brand mark we designed for Daily Dream Decor. You can see its new look here, but don’t worry if you won’t be able to stop scrolling through that beautiful blog, there’s so much dreamy decor inspiration there that nobody will judge you :))

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