Branding Project Maia Eli

Maia Eli rebranding mockup

The branding project for Maia Eli was the first one I made for somebody else and I loved every single minute of it. Me and Maia have a lot in common, but the most important thing is that we both have side passions that we love, so this project resonated with my soul at a very deep level. She is the talented person behind the paintings I post on Instagram and the one with whom we started theΒ Photoshop tutorials for beginnersΒ series. I created the logo and the brand identity, and her new beautiful blog design was created and developed by her.

Website design for Branding Project Maia Eli

The Story

Maia Eli is a painting & design studio, that creates beautiful paintings and printables for those who love art & minimalism. She felt like her old design blog does not have that “je-ne-sais-quoi” and she wanted to have a clearer visual identity. We both worked on finding the right design elements that thoughtfully express what her studio is all about: love for art & minimalism.Β Her blog needed to be more professional, but at the same time friendly, so those who love art to also love spending time browsing through her wonderful portfolio or reading the stories behind her paintings.

Moodboard for Branding Project Maia Eli

I wanted to add to her new visual identity more elements that define what her brand is about. With soft shades, pale nudes, minimal typography, discreet, but intentional brush strokes combined with geometric elements, and a custom handwritten logo, her new blog ended up being lovely.

Colors and typography for Branding project Maia Eli

Maia helped me a lot during this process by giving me many references about how she wants everything on her blog to look like. I couldn’t find a beautifully handwritten font to use in her logo, so I decided to give it a try and to write it myself and we both loved the way it looks.

Logo Variations for Branding Project Maia Eli

She wanted to keep the triangle in her logo and her branding, so I tried to find a way to integrate it better in her new visual story. Instead of a simple equilateral triangle, I designed one from brush strokes used at theΒ “i” letters from her logo.

Patterns for Branding Project Maia Eli

Magazine layout for Branding Project Maia Eli

Design mockups Branding Project Maia Eli

Brochure design for Branding Project Maia Eli

How does she feel about her new website?

I asked her how does she feel about her new website and how was her experience of working with me for her rebranding and I received a great feedback:

I’m so beyond excited with all the changes going on. This is the website of my dreams and I owe it all to you for making it happen.

Style Guide for Branding Project Maia Eli

I’m also super excited about this project and I love how her new blog looks like. She did a great job customizing her WordPress theme and integrating her new branding elements into her new layout. So if you want to see her branding in action, go to her newly launched website.

***The pictures used for the design elements can be from Pinterest, Unsplash, or Maia Eli blog.

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