Design project AMconcept

Design Project AMconcept

The design project for AMconcept will be one of my favorites forever because it was the very first time when I had the chance to help other people through design. One of my dear friends asked me if I could help her with her logo because she was trying to build her first online shop, and that’s how I got my very first branding project.

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Branding project Maia Eli

Branding Project Maia Eli

The branding project for Maia Eli was the first one I made for somebody else and I loved every single minute of it. Me and Maia have a lot in common, but the most important thing is that we both have side passions that we love, so this project resonated with my soul at a very deep level.

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Moodboards for fashion bloggers

Mood boards Inspiration for fashion bloggers

I wanted to create beautiful mood boards to inspire you in your branding process, so in today’s article I’ll share with you 3 stylish mood boards for fashion bloggers. Hope they’ll inspire you to create beautiful imagery for your blog and your social media feeds.

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