Design Project AMconcept

AM concept logo and packaging

The design project for AMconcept will be one of my favorites forever because it was the very first time when I had the chance to help other people through design. One of my dear friends asked me if I could help her with her logo because she was trying to build her first online shop. We knew each other from a previous job and we went through a lot together, so when I heard she was trying to do something by herself, I was more than happy to be able to help her.

The story

AMconcept is a new accessory online shop for women created by Andreea and Madalina. Those lovely ladies believe that we all need a little help to reveal our inner beauty, so they decided to help other women by making them feel more confident through the right accessories or how they like to say it, they offer:

Elegance in one hand. Confidence in the other.

Design project AMconcept

They had an idea about how they would like their logo to look like, but at the same time, they let me do my creative job. It all started with a wish and some fears, then a plan and some paper sketches, and now they have a beautiful logo & packaging and an amazing online shop designed and developed by Cristian Longo.

Design project AMconcept

I made the design for the labels and the shopping bags because I wanted to see how the logos would look like in real design elements. I knew they would look more beautiful if they would have a tagline, so I decided I have to add one. I thought about how I would like other people to feel about this brand if it were mine? How could I help them behind offering some nice accessories?

I decided to use “Reveal your inner beauty” because I truly believe that everything from the outside can help only by revealing what’s inside. Andreea and Madalina were struggling with how they wanted their labels and packaging to look like, but as soon as they saw the pictures on Instagram, they enjoyed my design ideas and they truly resonated with the tagline I chose, so now they have two taglines to express what their brand is about.

Design project AMconcept

Design project AMconcept

Design project AMconcept

How do they feel about their logo?

I didn’t expect to receive such an incredible feedback for my work. I was so nervous when I sent the first logo concepts and it was an incredible feeling when they told me they like them. Below are some words that made me very happy, but the picture below is the one that melted my heart.

Thank you, @creativesummerstudio for such an amazing work!! You literally made everything better and your dedication towards perfection exceeded our expectations ❤

Design project AMconcept

I’m so grateful for having the chance to be a part of this amazing project and I wish them the best of luck in their journey because it won’t be easy, but it will definitely be beautiful and worth it. If you want to see their newly launched website and maybe to buy yourself a few accessories or a new sexy sleepwear, you can see their shop here and you can follow their Instagram for daily fashion inspiration.

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