How to add your Instagram to WordPress

how to add your Instagram to WordPress

If I’d have to choose only one social media platform to use, I would definitely go with Instagram. Why? Because I think its the only one where I can truly connect with other amazing people, I’ve received most of my collaborations requests through it,  and it has been my online portfolio in the last couple of months. Not to mention that I love using Instagram Stories to show behind the scenes or snaps from my daily life, so yes, I can say Instagram is my favorite.

In this article, I’ll share with you how to add your Instagram to WordPress to display your latest beautiful pics on your blog also. In this way, your readers will be able to see a preview of your Instagram profile and if they like what they see, they will follow you. It’s a win-win situation, your Instagram brings readers to your blog and your blog will bring followers to your Instagram.

This is a simple WordPress tutorial, but in order to have your feed beautifully displayed, you have to verify if your WordPress theme is customized for the WP Instagram Wiget plugin. Otherwise, your photos will appear, but they may not look as you would expect, but if you have a DIY attitude, you will be able to customize it with a little bit of effort.

1. Install WP Instagram Widget plugin

  • Go to Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add new plugin
  • Search for WP Instagram Widget plugin and install it

Add your Instagram to WordPress - install WP Instagram plugin

2. Customize the Instagram widget

  • Go to Admin Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets
  • You’ll see a new widget called Instagram
  • Add it to the widget area where you want to display your latest Instagram pictures
  • Open it to customize your settings
    • Title – the widget title
    • Username – Instagram username (e.g. creativesummerstudio)
    • Number of photos – how many photos you want to be displayed (you should add the default values your WordPress theme is customized for)
    • Photo size – how do you want your photos do be displayed (you should add the default values your WordPress theme is customized for)
    • Open links in – you should always check to open your images in a new window because you don’t want to make your reader go away from your blog; you can read more about this here
    • Link text – link text to your Instagram account

Add your Instagram to WordPress - customize WP Instagram plugin

3. Decide where to display your Instagram feed

You can display it in all your widget areas, but most of the WordPress themes are customized to display a full-width Instagram feed in the footer or a beautiful one in your sidebar. You’ll have to check if your blog theme supports a full-width feed in your footer, or in any other widget areas.

Here are some examples of beautiful feeds displayed in different sections of a website, I hope they’ll inspire you for your own blog.

1. Full-width footer Intagram feed

full-width footer Instagram feed

Adding your Instagram feed to your footer is a great way to give your readers a chance to follow you when they reach the end of a page from your website, so why wouldn’t you make them curious about your Instagram account? We’re using a custom WordPress theme designed & developed by us. A lighter version of this theme will be soon available in our shop.

2. Half  footer Instagram feed

half footer Instagram feed

Kotryna redesigned her lifestyle blog earlier this year and she did a great job using Analogue WordPress theme from Station Seven. Her stylish Instagram pics make a beautiful footer on her new website, you can check it here.

3. Sidebar Instagram feed

sidebar Instagram feed

I love how this Instagram feed beautifully integrates into this minimalist lifestyle blog layout. I’m sure you recognized this website, but if not, you can check Sakura’s blog here. She’s using Coastal WordPress theme from Station Seven.

4. Full-width header Instagram feed

full-width header Instagram feed

We’re totally in love with this beautiful WordPress theme created by Kotryna Bass Designs and that full-width header Instagram feed is exactly on point. If you’re thinking about having a new stylish blog layout, check out Fashion Spy WordPress theme here.

So, adding your Instagram feed to your WordPress blog is not something difficult to do and it has a lot of advantages. Your blog layout will be more stylish, you’ll make your readers curious about your Instagram and they will want to connect with you there. You just need a good WordPress theme, a little bit of DIY attitude, and a beautiful Instagram feed!

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